Here at Knitted, we promise full transparency of our supply chain and aim to break the barrier between quality and price for our consumers.

Our ethos is centered around regenerative practices, ensuring every step is always considered from an environmental standpoint, as well as pushing the wool industry to continue innovating and up-skilling so that other kiwi designers can also strive to keep their manufacturing here in New Zealand.  

Our styles are all produced in limited runs to ensure that Knitted can slowly build on quality and price, putting into the market only what works, what people love and what doesn’t compromise on the intention to create timeless and seasonless designs that will last a lifetime. 

We will continue to refine production, always striving for improvement, and always providing Knitted consumers with complete transparency in all facets of the brand.

We’re here to also protect New Zealand's powerful fibre of wool. From the shearing of the sheep to the spinning of the yarn, we’re giving New Zealand wool the respect it deserves.

Every one of our garments has a story to tell. Each fibre, each strand, each spool of yarn has been on a journey – a journey we’re here to tell you all about. You see, not only do we stand for respect – we stand for honesty and transparency, no matter what the cost. We stand for style and substance and supporting our communities.  

We’re here to untangle the knitwear industry, one garment at a time.