Our fibres.

Every Knitted garment begins with a silky-smooth Merino base, from New Zealand’s finest Merino sheep. As one of the oldest breeds in the world, the Merino’s wool is known for its natural luxury and first-rate quality. It’s soft. Really soft. With our 15.5micron blend, there’s no chance of a scratchy knit.

For our range of blended garments, the additional fibres come from world-class cashmere, from one of 600 happy goats living in the Catlin ranges, down in New Zealand’s deep south. Thanks to the icy blasts that flow directly from Antarctica, this cashmere is sturdy and strong – known for holding its own, no matter what the weather. And, in some of our silkiest, softest blends you’ll find a touch of possum fur.

Before you panic (please don’t panic), the wool is only shorn when the sheep and goats need it the least. The highly skilled shearers leave enough wool to keep them warm, while relieving them of their heavy winter coats throughout the summer months. A win-win for all involved. The possum fur used in Knitted garments has been carefully and sustainably sourced, in accordance with the Department of Conservation regulations.

Our process.

Our garments are made by an army of wool-enthusiasts, all across the country.

The wool is shorn by expert shearers, at a time when the sheep and goats are ready to ditch their outer layer.

The wool is graded by the growers. Here, the two wools take a brief break from each other. The merino heads overseas on a short (but very worthwhile) trip, where it is scoured and combed.The cashmere keeps it local – heading straight to Lower Hutt.

The merino wool comes home to New Zealand. All of it heads to Woolyarns, a luxury yarn manufacturer in Lower Hutt, Wellington.

The wool is blended with other natural fibres (in our case, nothing but the top-grade Catlins’ cashmere or possum and luxurious silk).

The blended wool is coloured and becomes yarn, over a careful month-long period.

The wool now goes one of three ways to become the quality knitwear garment it is today.

The merino cashmere blend makes its way up to Beverly Productions in sunny Tauranga where it is knitted, cut, stitched and sewn into one of our signature classic knits.

The merino, possum and silk blend heads to Manawatu Knitting Mills in Palmerston North where it follows all the same processes to become a ever-so-silky knitted garment.

The knit makes one final stop in Auckland, where it is lovingly folded, wrapped and packaged – then shipped directly to your front door.

Over the course of many months, the wool has gone on an incredible journey throughout New Zealand (lucky wool), and now, thanks to everyone it met along the way, it is exactly where it should be. With you. For a long and happy lifetime.

Honestly sourced, honestly made, honestly priced. The best knitwear you'll ever own. Knitted.