Born from the desire to provide a beautiful, timeless knit for all - Knitted is New Zealand knitwear, redefined.

We’re bringing back the best bits of the past and weaving them together with what matters most today. Honesty, transparency, quality and care.

Inspired by styles from decades gone by, our luxurious knitwear is a classic, reinvented.

Every part of our process – from sourcing to sketching, stitching to sending – is done by local people, in local companies, right here on New Zealand soil. Each piece has been made using merino, cashmere or fur from our sheep, goats and possums – living high up in New Zealand’s rolling hills.

Every garment has been on a journey – from the crisp and cosy Catlins, to the windy wharves of Wellington, along the mighty Manawatu river, up the coast to tropical Tauranga – and direct to your front door.

A trip around the greatest country on earth – without the sky-high price tag.

We make knitwear for the lovers of our land, the appreciators of good style, the devotees of decades past and the uncompromising queens of quality. We make knitwear for you, to last a long and happy lifetime.

Celebrate style. Know your knitwear. Knitted.