Knitted offers elevated modern simplicity through curated sustainable New Zealand knitwear collections that refine elegance.

Fuelled by our aspiration to take a whole new innovative approach to luxurious minimalism for women with exceptional taste, we bring back the best bits of the past and knit them together with honesty, transparency, quality, and care.

Our journey started with a sole purpose of making sustainable New Zealand knitwear accessible to everyone who wishes to follow along with our regenerative practices.

We firmly believe that beauty lies in the finest of details; that's why each one of our designs aims to implement the true essence of minimalism with the right doses of timeless elegance and simplicity for fashion-conscious, modern women who refuse to compromise on comfort and style.

By producing limited runs of each garment, we try to make sure that no yarn goes to waste with careless overproduction.

Why do we produce in limited quantities?

Sustainability is woven into each one of our ethically crafted wool knitwear collections. Starting off with approximately 25 kilograms of luxury New Zealand yarn in six different colours, we have worked collaboratively with Woolyarns in Lower Hutt, New Zealand.

With their exceptional help, we were able to produce limited quantities of blends such as New Zealand Cashmere and Fine ZQ Merino as well as our top of the line ZQ Merino and Possum blend to get a better understand of what our consumer wants and only putting into the market what works in regards to colour, style as well as price.

Producing limited quantities helps us to prepare for the next season and build from our best selling pieces to develop them even more so to our customer needs from knitwear and being able to wear our pieces through every season to come.

How are our manufacturing processes sustainable?

At Knitted, we work side by side with New Zealand's leading knitwear manufacturers all over the country. Each Knitted garment is produced ethically by individuals who have been in the industry for decades and pride themselves on the love and care they put in their work.

We are so fortunate to learn and grow along side them as we work together to develop Knitted's designs to fit the criteria of becoming classic but comfortable styles for all women.

We make a dozen small decisions every day to better serve sustainability. In our ongoing effort to explore the benefits of slow fashion, we pledge to be open and honest about the journey of each knitwear piece from the initial concept down to the last stitch.

Versatility and temperature regulation

Seasons may come and go, but NZ sustainable knitwear is undoubtedly eternal. We aim to reinvent our favourite everyday garments while changing the true meaning of what knitwear products can be.

Our goal is to create versatile, seasonless staples that promise to serenely match all your looks with ease during the warmest and coldest days. Merino wool is also fantastic for temperature regulation and moisture control. Its ability to both absorb and repel moisture makes it the ideal yarn for all-year-round dressing.

Longevity. Treat your knitwear right, and it can last you a decade

The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world and definitely wouldn't want to be a part of this environmental disaster.

Our merino wool and cashmere knitwear's lifespan is significantly higher than most natural fibres. It's been proven that long-lasting garments that can be worn multiple times over their estimated total wear number can actually reduce the environmental impact.

Each NZ sustainable knitwear piece is 100% machine washable and carries stain-resistant as well as odour and wrinkle-resistant properties.

At Knitted, we strive to offset longevity in the most accessible price point possible.

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