Here at Knitted we proudly stand to be transparent and honest with our supply chain. Over the past 12 months we have researched and unpacked the many steps it takes to be a completely New Zealand sourced and made product and we are proud to be introduced into the market as just that.

Knitted garments tell a story, each one traceable, tested and of the highest possible quality. From the outset, our goal has been to ensure that every step of the process from start to finish was here, in New Zealand.

Design process

All of our knitwear is designed in Auckland, New Zealand by the founder, Cameo Turner. For the first collection, half of the drawings were sent directly to one of the production companies, Beverly Productions, where the fashion technicians worked directly with the drawings and information to create samples.

The other half of the drawings were sent to a pattern maker in Auckland where Cameo worked directly with her. Once the patterns are completed, they are sent across to the knitting factories for sampling.

Through the many months of trial and error to get a perfect fitting knit for all women, our wool is being customised over a 4-6 week process.

How the wool is spun into yarn

Our sheep and goat stations all over the country sell the shorn wool which goes through a grading process, it is then sent offshore to be scoured and combed. It was unbelievable at first but despite wool being one of our biggest commodities, there isn’t actually a location in New Zealand that does this for small scale producers. Only our cashmere goes directly to Woolyarns in Lower Hutt and they use the fibre on its own, and to blend in different yarns.

Currently there’s very few wool scouring processors, and no combing processors available to small-sale producers like fashion and apparel brands, one day we hope that more designers be able to keep their whole production chain here in New Zealand.

Once the scoured and combed merino wool comes home it is blended with either Cashmere or Possum and Silk and then dyed at Woolyarns. Once it is spun onto large cones, the merino cashmere blend heads to Beverly Productions and the Merino, Possum and Silk blend as well as pure merino heads to MKM in Palmerston North. 

Knitting the garments

Both knitwear production companies machine knitted panels and then cut, stitch and sew the garments together into one of our signature classics.

Becoming your knitwear

The knit makes one final stop in Auckland, where it is lovingly folded, wrapped and packaged – then shipped directly to your front door.

Over the course of many months, the wool has gone on an incredible journey throughout New Zealand, and now, thanks to everyone it met along the way, it is exactly where it should be. With you. For a long and happy lifetime.

Knitted styles are all produced in limited runs to ensure that the brand can slowly build on quality and price, putting into the market only what works, what people love and what doesn’t compromise on the intention to create timeless and seasonless designs that will last a lifetime.

We will continue to refine her production, always striving for improvement, and always providing Knitted consumers with complete transparency in all facets of the brand.

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