Forget all the preconceived ideas about how to wash your merino and merino blended knitwear – we have debunked the easiest care methods to ensure a long and happy lifetime for your Knitted garments.

For our first winter collection, we made sure our yarns had a higher percentage of merino in our blends. This is due to merinos impressive durability caused by the long fibers that are twisted together to create the yarn.

Machine washing your knitwear

Your 100% merino knits are machine washable – but please do so as a low temperature between 30 – 40 degrees Celsius. The only rules here with machine washing is to not use bleach or fabric softeners. It will destroy the merino fibers causing your knitwear to become weak as well as loose its shape.

 Please use your regular washing liquid.

Your merino will not shrink if you put it in the washing machine. The fibers that make up the yarn are stretchy and bounce back into shape easy.

How you dry your merino knitwear is more important than how you wash it.

Drying your knitwear

Lay your knitwear flat to dry. While some say you can put it in the dryer this shouldn’t be done if you want to ensure longevity of your garment.

 Not only does this help your knits to keep its shape, feel and look good it will save you on your electricity bill.

Washing your merino and cashmere blended knitwear

The same rules apply for our merino and cashmere knits, except, this blend is slightly more delicate.

While they can still be machine washed, we highly advise to make sure your knit is turned inside out and put on a delicate and cool wash.

Drying your merino cashmere knitwear

Do not hang your merino cashmere sweaters on a hangar to dry. This can cause your knitted garments to stretch due to the weight of the moisture contained by the garment.

Hand washing

If you are super cautious or prefer to hand wash your knitwear – that's ok too.

Fill your sink or bucket with lukewarm water, add your regular washing liquid and soak your knitwear for 10 minutes. Make sure to thoroughly rinse your garment with cold water afterwards.


Washing wool is a lot easier than you think and with proper care you can except your knits to last you a lifetime of wear. 

Don’t over complicate your washing processes. Wool is a lot more durable than you think and can be treated as so. Follow our easy to care for steps and you’ll be amazed at how your garment stays looking new.

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