While we aim to break the barrier between quality and price for our consumers, sourcing high quality New Zealand wool at an affordable price has been a long but rewarding journey thus far.

As a small scale business, our focus is to produce limited runs of each style to ensure that we can slowly build on the quality of our garments as well as the price.

We will only put into the market what works, what people love and what doesn’t compromise on the intention to create timeless and seasonless knitwear that will last a lifetime.

In doing so, our minimum order quantities of wool, per colour, are significantly lower in comparison to large scale wool businesses. 

As a starting point for our first collection, we ordered, approximately, 25 kilograms of luxury New Zealand yarn in six different colours. To make these lower order quantities possible, we have worked closely with Woolyarns in Lower Hutt, New Zealand whom have been an incredible help.

Woolyarns is a yarn manufacturer that produces luxurious natural fibre that no-one else can in New Zealand. Over a month long process, Woolyarns is able to blend and colour the New Zealand Cashmere and Fine ZQ Merino into a yarn is market-leading in high-fashion, products.

While it was a shock to discover that Woolyarns is the only yarn supplier in New Zealand that allows for low wool quantity orders, we are grateful for the exceptional knowledge they have given us into the industry and without them, Knitted would not have been possible. 

The next step in having an accessible price point is the garment design. The more complex the style, the higher the production cost. We have been fortunate enough to work closely with all of our production companies throughout New Zealand that haven given valuable feedback on our designs and ways to bring the cost down.

In our first collection, the Brigette Knit required more cutting because of the asymmetric button closer which made it one of our most expensive garments to produce.

This compares to our Audrey Knit which is knitted to shape in three parts the both and both arms and then it is easily assembled together.

For our next collection, we are working closer with Beverly Productions in Tauranga to knit to shape as much as possible.

This means there will be less cutting from a pattern and more trial and error to knit curves through the machine rather than doing it by hand.

This is a key example on how we are continuing to strive to slowly build on our cost price of each design.

Once the garments are knitted, stitched and pressed they all head to Avondale in Auckland for dispatch where our founder, Cameo Turner, wraps, packs and ships the knitwear herself.

We are extremely proud of the journey we have been on over the past 12 months and look forward to being better in providing New Zealand made knitwear for all women at an accessible price point.

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